My editor finally sent back the manuscript for my next book, so after I get a chance to look at it and make any necessary changes, the final proof will go out and then time for printing~ To celebrate, I'm going shopping. XD;

[timeskip!] Birthdays.

23 is a horrible, horrible age. I think I'm getting wrinkles already.

I do, however, have the most wonderful husband and children a girl could ask for.
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I don't think I've ever thrown up so much in my life.

You. Here. Now.
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I am going to kill my brothers!!

My poor, poor hair T_________T

Anyone caught laughing at my haircut will face the Wrath of Tomoka. >( I mean it!!!

I really hate boys sometimes! How can they do things like that!?

((Little brothers + chewing gum + Tomo's hair = she is now sporting a cute, yet stylish bob cut :3))
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I don't think I've ever been so desperate for a weekend to come.

It's only the first week back! Why do we have so much homework ;__;?

Math homework sucks this early in the morning. >(
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